OpenJS Foundation project applications for and


Governing board and TAC,

I wanted to provide an update on the planned consolidation with the OpenJS Foundation. The OpenJS Foundation CPC has voted to accept the At-Large project applications submitted by and Per discussions, FlowmapBlue will be included under's governance for the time being, and Mapzen has decided to remain an unfunded project at the Linux Foundation. The OpenJS Foundation will prepare and work with you on an announcement.

The next step is to set up the OpenJS Foundation "Open Visualization collaboration space" as the new home of TAC activity. Here's what to expect going forward.

TAC: I'll work with Shan and Chris to submit the collab space application. Once the collab space is approved, the TAC will vote to move operations into it. In the past few TAC meetings we've discussed how the only thing that really changes is the name, the same individuals and projects will continue to meet to advance collaborative work within the open visualization space.

Governing board: The membership agreements are headed your way shortly in Docusign. They include the no-cost 12 month Silver membership written directly into the document. You should be able to redirect them to the appropriate person in your company for signature. After that, we can vote to wrap up the governing board operations.

I'd like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has been involved in this process. I think you've made a great decision, and this will be a good place to continue getting good work done.



Brian Warner
The Linux Foundation
+1 724 301-6171